Manufacturing in a manner that respects the community and the environment

At Waico Group we see sustainability as our ability to operate in the long term, minimising any negative impact on the environment and its resources and achieve sustainable growth without compromising the future of the new generations. Our aim is to reach a balance between value creation and social and environmental responsibility.

We are highly focused on topics such as energy efficiency and environmental and social sustainability. We invest heavily in these aspects and foster constant and growing commitments to improving production processes, using durable materials and technologies that can better manage energy and reduce consumptions.

Reaching a balance between value creation and social and environmental responsibility

Our commitment to the planet

Reduce consumptions whilst guaranteeing high performance

The entire product manufacturing cycle represents concrete proof of our commitment to sustainability. A set of targeted actions that result in reduced emissions, smart resource management and an active approach to promoting the recycling and reuse of materials.


We focus on reducing energy waste for each product with technical improvements to deliver high performance, low consumption machines and ovens. We have invested in the self-production of energy with a photovoltaic system currently under construction on the roof of the new headquarters.


The machines and ovens we manufacture boast a long service life because they are made from premium quality materials with a focus on reducing components and machining times. This approach contributes to promoting a circular economy vision that fully respects the environment.


We already use highly recyclable and eco-sustainable materials, with packaging designed to reduce the environmental impact associated with the production, use and disposal of the packaging itself. We are constantly searching for simplifications that reduce variations in shape and form and subsequently material consumption.


Waico has dedicated significant resources to the well-being of its employees by investing in improving the quality of the work environment.

Industrial innovation for a sustainable world: our commitment to the future