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we are coming soon
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The word Art (Arte) is at the very core of being Italian. It encompasses that boundless passion to imagine, build and improve relentlessly that, together with skill and technical ability, make it possible to facilitate work and free creativity.

Combined with the adjective White (Bianca), it speaks of ancient crafts and faces, those of the baker, pastry chef or pizza chef, who wisely use flour and water to feed the body and spirit of human beings.

This is the White Art (Arte Bianca).

WAICO, White Art Italian Companies, is the group created by bringing together the leading Italian companies in the bakery equipment sector, Vitella, Starmix, Effedue and Flamic, which develops professional systems chosen by the best white artists in the world.
Via dell'artigianato
Marano Vicentino - 36035 (VI)
Phone: +39 0445 1716598